Angie Quinn’s

Adventures With Shnoogy And Kruddy

The Doodle Trap








Your Author

Constance Douglas

Because I know, all you readers out there are pretty darn smart…

When we read Angie Quinn’s Story ‘The Doodle Trap’, or this activity book,
together we discover we ALL have a super power inside…
Whether we are 98 years old, or 2, from Africa, Europe,
Asia, or other, despite our color, be we rich or poor,

king or pauper, and regardless of our brains or handicaps, faith, gender or beliefs –
Everyone of us in this whole wide world has a Shnoogy or (Love) YAY!
and everyone of us in this whole wide world has a Kruddy or (Fear).

(Sharing this in common makes it so we are NEVER alone – pretty COOL hey!)
There is a time and place for both Shnoogy and Kruddy in our lives.

The most awesome thing is;

We get to choose which one we prefer to hang out with!
What’s the quickest way to ‘Toss Our Krudy’?

Be kind to someone else!
“I’m down with that!”